Welcome to the Good Life Farm blog! I have high hopes that this space will chronicle our work of living, my sway through change, and the joy that overflows my life, just as it is, each day.

You can learn a bit about how I got here on the About page. But I am trying to brave the task of leaving my nostalgia and tendency to romance the past behind and looking forward to big goals, keeping this space about what I love, what works for our life as a little family, the lessons learned, and appreciating blessings in small moments.

While I don’t have a farm in the traditional sense (yet!!), I believe home really is where your heart longs to be. My heart is in every cell of my daughter, every breath she breathes makes my heart beat.  Beyond that, the land where I am building my house, is my home. My family is in this soil and I’m claiming my fleeting role in its history. This dirt is part of my skin and my roots are reaching deep.

Anyone is welcome here. Feel free to pass the address along and come over anytime for a piece of pie, tips on cooking from the ground up, raising little ones, homesteading in the most literal and frivolous ways, and my thoughts in between.

With all my heart,


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