Airing out rooms year ’round

It will sound like such an insignificant thing, you may scoff at the type of homemaking advice you’ll now expect from this blog, but hear me out.

The success (and by that, I mean the absence of stress) of homemaking in a practical sense is very much tied to the rhythm of tasks. I do not run a pristine home, nor do I want to, but I have always been able to maintain a clean and calm one because I rely on a routine of chores, ask for help when I need it, and tackle the big organization or cleaning tasks in small bits, say a closet or pantry at a time.

This tip is for keeping your rooms fresh and circulating the air and linens each week, all year long, even during the winter. In Idaho, we have four well articulated seasons and our summers can be very hot and our winters very long and cold. It would be easy for a home to be shut up many months of the year because of air conditioners running day and night in the depth of summer and sealing in the heat through the winter. But that sort of stagnation can weigh down a space and I know you agree that a burst of fresh air wakes up a place like no other.

Each Sunday I wash all the linens. After the beds are stripped, I pull back the curtains and open all the windows in each bedroom. During the winter, I try to do this more toward the middle of the day, when the bit of sun is trying, and I close the door behind me, trapping that cold air in and keeping the warmth in the rest of the house best I can. Leave the room closed for an hour. I’m as forgetful as a goldfish, so I set a timer to remind myself. If you have a furnace or air conditioner that would normally kick on automatically, it may be wise to turn it off during that time. And really, that’s it. Open the rooms back up and close the windows. Take your freshly laundered linens just out of the dryer and make the beds again. Just like that, the beds stay clean and the rooms fresh. It will do you and your home a lot of good, I promise.


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