Dinner! Quickly!

Super simple Tuesday night dinner: Pico de Gallo Chicken and Gnocchi

Yesterday, I wanted to make broth and find something to do with a package of 6 chicken thighs. So they were boiled in a pot of salted water for half an hour. The pot was removed from the stove, covered, and put in the fridge until today when I got around to making something of it.

To get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes tonight, the chicken thighs were taken out of the broth, de-boned, and the meat shredded. The bones were put back in the pot of broth with a couple tablespoons of vinegar and it was set to simmer on the stove. The thigh meat was put in a skillet and to it I added a cup of pico de gallo, made fresh at Red Apple, a locally owned grocery. The meat and salsa were brought to a simmer over medium heat while a pot of water came to a boil for a package of whole wheat gnocchi. Once boiling, the gnocchi were added and done in 3 minutes. Strained the gnocci and put them directly into the chicken and salsa mix. Added a handful of shredded cheddar cheese, mixed it all up, and served. So yummy and really simple. After dinner, I strained the broth into a glass jar, discarded the bones, and put the broth in the fridge for another recipe, another night.


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