Good Life Gems

1. Wearing Stella McCartney Stella EDP. I love anything that can make my idea of feminine reach a new level.

2. I made this Marshmallow Cream Fudge to take to work as an offering for giving my notice.

3. Brooke Fraser is charming.

4. Cheryl Strayed’s article in The Sun – The Love of My Life. A decade since it was published, but it’s as fresh and relevant and deep slicing as ever or anything. Read it. Weep. Love.

5. Roasted carrots, apples, and onion for a pureed soup. Mmm.

6. Aurelia is nearly sleeping in her own bed through most of the night, most of the week. It may not sound like much, but for us, it’s big progress. This also means I’ve been sleeping in a toddler bed for part of most nights. I love the snuggles and find I miss her when I finally do get to stretch my body out in the rare hours I remember I can in my own bed. Her little bed is just her crib converted and moved in next to my bed, so her nursery is pretty much a glorified closest and library now. We only go in there to get clothes or books. Co-sleeping has been wonderful and I’m so grateful for my night hours with her. I think uninterrupted sleep may be even better for both of us though.

7. A friend, far away, still makes my heart surge. I’m thankful for our kindness through the distance and different desires. Vague enough?

8. Capezio makes the best tights, and in spring colors, perfect for these not-quite-warm-enough days.

9. We’re going with my parents to see my brother, sister in law, and darling niece and nephew for Easter. We visit each other fairly often, considering how far apart we live, but it’s still always too long a time without seeing them. Aurelia is a year younger than one cousin and a year older than the other. They get along marvelously and it’ll be such a joy to celebrate the holiday together!

10. It was the sort of day that I had to put on cheery lipstick every couple hours and tell myself to calm down and smile. I’m thankful for small acts of self-preservation. I nearly look rested and composed with it on.


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