turning point

I had a moment this last week, crying and driving, when I thought

What the hell have I done??

I had to step away from myself for a moment and I realize that I would look back at that moment as a turning point. I’ve taken the leap, risked not knowing if this is all going to turn out or how, but am believing enough to move forward. I can’t hope that my life will look differently someday without making the room for change now.

Slowly, but almost certainly, I’m getting everything I’ve ever wanted.

Love is being manifested, over and over, every day around me. I’m leaving the doubt behind and promoting what I am passionate about, instead of what might go wrong. Even with the crumbling moments, overall, life is starting to really glow. Dreams are possibilities and just that chance is worth it.


3 thoughts on “turning point

  1. heart you. You are absolutely correct, as terrifying as it all is (and will sometimes continue to seem) the outcomes are so much brighter and adventurous and filled with love. And you are making differences in the lives of people around you all the time. Please know there are more people out there than you know rooting for you and for all you inspire us to do.

  2. Sarah,

    I’m rooting for you, and not just because I’m trying to follow in your footsteps! There are so many people who want to reconnect with their food, their family, and their community who simply don’t know where to start. I’m so excited to you becoming one of those places in Payette and Malheur counties.

    All the best,


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