pretty. sick.

I have tree pollen allergies, which hit early spring and are generally mild enough that I forget I have them by May. I’m finishing my job at a university this month before diving into farm and food bank work. The campus is full of these beautiful flowering trees that make me so sick I can’t see straight.

The weather is gorgeous. New life and green is everywhere. I’m trying to enjoy it under the strong arm of antihistamines.

One thing I can not do well is cook while sick. I’m craving the palate clearing juice of grapefruits and am eating them in whole pieces with the pith because bitter in the mouth heals the heart.

Dinner last night was cranberry cinnamon goat cheese smeared on a Zeppole baguette with a heap of garlicy sauteed kale smashed on top. Aurelia ate the middles of her bread, licked the kale clean, and ate a handful of cheese. It was an unusual combination, but absolutely divine. A little fat, a little green, a little substance and it qualifies as a meal at my table.

Some days, it’s all I can do to just feed us and keep breathing. Looking forward to a night of cuddling with my toddler who lately loves to pretend she’s a baby. I miss having a wee babe to rock, so I’ll play along anytime she wants. No need to rush these fast fleeting days.

If the scatteredness of this post is any indication of the amount of benadryl I’ve taken today, I’m sorry. Show up with soup and an air purifier and I’ll be more coherent.


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