a dozen pictures in a day

1. Aurelia has her mother’s allergies on top of cutting a few gigantic molars.  Her overnight fever over the latter gave us the gift of a whole day home together. But look at that poor face!

2. Trying to salvage some flowers in new planters. We spent a good part of the breezy morning outside. I drank coffee and read a bit while Aurelia played on a slide and with her wagon, moving toys and leaves around the yard.

3. When Aurelia went down for her nap, I made a coconut cake with a chocolate ganache and shaved coconut on top.

4. I also rushed to do my hair, my nails, and put on a face mask before she got up. It’s amazing what you learn to do in 2 hours!

5. Miss A wouldn’t eat much all day and only accepted bits of strawberries, a pickle, a cheese stick, and milk for lunch. Ah, well. We watched a bit of Dora while she did some watercolor paints and I made a broth and started dinner.

6. It wasn’t long before she was ready to help. Mixing curry spices with olive oil and vinegar.

7. Cauliflower tossed with the curry oil blend. Chopped all stem and florets for roasting. Saved leaves for later.

8. After roasting at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, added in a sauteed half onion and the reserved leaves, chopped, and tossed with lemon juice.

9. A local FFA chapter from Nyssa High School is raising Tilapia and selling them at the Red Apple grocery. These two cost less than $3 together. I still had to filet and scale them a bit, then stuffed them with lemon garlic butter and onion. Salted skins and sealed in foil parcels. Baked at 375 degrees for 30 minutes, then opened foil tops and broiled for 5 minutes to get some color on top.

10. Dinner, first course: curried cauliflower, roasted sweet potatoes, and grilled polenta.

11. Dinner, second course: baked whole tilapia

12. The end of our lovely day. Progress happening on my house. Today, the furnace people were there starting their work. Here you can see the back patio, and if you take a short leap of the imagination, you can see it done, with me in the garden, Aurelia following roaming chickens, something on the bbq, and our glasses of sun tea sweating by the swingset.


3 thoughts on “a dozen pictures in a day

  1. I don’t eat fish..but you make it sound so delicious!
    Love your photoroll. My A also has allergies, which I don’t, so I’m trying to figure out how to deal with them.
    I can definitely imagine …

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