House Lighting

The house construction is getting to the point where I’m picking paint colors, hardware, fixtures, and lighting. I’ve been doing this obtusely for some time, as I create my design aesthetic, but now is the time that actual, final decisions need to be made. This is both thrilling and panic inducing. Taking on a room at a time seems approachable, but selecting everything for several rooms I can’t visualize put together yet has been overwhelming. I want everything to coordinate, but not match and I want each room to feel different, but still cohesive as a whole house. Finally, I just had to pick what I liked and will make it come together the best I can.

The exterior siding and shutters have been ordered and will be put up next weekend! I’m going with a very classic color scheme, in and out. After many mock ups of different colors, paint samples, and house color books and blogs, I feel right about my choice to go with a white house with black shutters. It suits me. Call me boring, but my little house will have a bit of poise and hopefully stand timelessly in her rural surroundings.

Interior colors took longer to decide. Who knew whites could vary so?! I’m going with Benjamin Moore paints locally through Boise Paint and Glass. Swiss Coffee is a lovely off-white, a light shade of white with a touch of grey that can still read a little warm. Trim and kitchen will be Decorators White, for a bright, cool contrast, slight though it may be. And the balance for the eyes will be in the color Iron Mountain, which I intend to paint in a semi-gloss on all the interior doors and flatly on the stairs. Hopefully these layered neutrals will come together gracefully with fabrics, wood, concrete, tile, art, and color in accessories. Pictures will come once we’re painting. White paint samples on this white page is just too much to ask of your viewing.

What I’m excited to share with you now is the lighting. I set a budget of $1,000 for the lights and it’s taken some creativity and will require considerable assembly when the time comes to install everything. I still have to get the vanity lights for the three bathrooms, a pendant over the kitchen sink, and four outdoor wall mount lights. Canned lighting is going on the front porch, in the kitchen, and in the bonus room. Everything else has been delivered and I feel happy with my choices so far! Thank heavens for Overstock. I found a lot of higher-end styles that would have otherwise eaten my whole budget in two rooms. I also shopped Amazon and Home Depot. While I prefer to shop locally owned stores, I was really dismayed with the selection and service I got while browsing in town over the last few months. Thankfully, almost everything else for the house is being purchased at local businesses.

Entry Hall: Antique Copper Finish Glass Lantern Chandelier

Living Room: Iron 5-light Chandelier with Beige Shades

Dining Room: Cone Shape 4-light Matte Silver Crystal Chandelier

Kitchen Bar: 3 – New Yorker Pendant Fixtures, Flat Opal Glass and Brushed Pewter

Front Two Bedrooms: Transitional 2-light Flush Light Fixture

Master Bedroom: Winthrop 52 in. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hallways and Laundry Room: Brushed Nickel 1-Light Flush Mount

Back Patio: Outdoor Rubbed Bronze Two-light Ceiling Fan


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