Stronger steps

Yesterday, I had an hour free between work sessions at the week long conference I’m at, so I went to the gym by myself and did:

10 minutes of intervals on the treadmill (2 minutes walking at 3.5 on the highest incline, 2 minutes running at 6.0 with no incline, repeat to time)

3 sets of 15 reps of 6 abdominal exercises

10 minutes of intervals on the step machine (2 minutes at 70 steps per minute, 2 minutes at 90 steps per minute, 1 minute of 105 steps per minute, repeat to time)

I had no partner, no music, and no excuses. I saw the hour, knew I kept gym stuff in the car just for this reason, and with a quick shower and powder touch up, was back to my next meeting on time.

Salmon cakes with avocado and caper mash, plain corn, and sauteed garlicy broccoli for dinner. I called the sweet potatoes dessert and avoided all the cheesecake and cookies finding their way to every meal here at the conference.

This morning, I noticed a new muscle. I had 3 eggs for breakfast and a mid-morning snack of tuna with salsa. I keep looking at my schedule wondering how I’ll fit in a leg workout this afternoon.

Excited to go shopping this afternoon with Aurelia and a new shopping list. I feel a positive food challenge coming on. I love this sense of “readiness” one gets when you know you’re on the cusp of personal growth.


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