October Menu Planning

I haven’t done a menu plan in a while and had too many nights this past month making emergency meals out of whatever produce was around, coupled with meat, and far too many muffins. So, now I have a plan! I will be organized! Food will be prepped and we will eat like queens! Or at least I’ll print this out and put it on the fridge to cross off how many days we succeed.

I should note that there is a lot of beef because we are buying half a cow and splitting between me, my parents, and an uncle. It will be a great relief and joy to have well raised, local beef in the freezer.

Like usual, breakfast consist of eggs and roasted vegetables. Having a big salad sitting in the spinner and jars of roasted vegetables makes it convenient to add to every meal. Lunches are leftovers, soup from the freezer, or a mix of snacks at last resort. Having hard boiled eggs, sliced cheddar, ham, turkey, dried fruit, seaweed, and crackers make those in between times and hangry moments avoidable. So, here’s to the plan! I’m pretty excited about every single recipe on here, so it should be a very well fed month. Hoorah!

Click on the calendar for the PDF with hyperlinks to all the recipes.


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