Blog No-Shows

Maybe I’m in a funk. Or maybe this just comes from trying to improve my diet and trying too many new things. Part of the reason I haven’t written as much lately is that I’ve intended three different posts with recipes I adapted, recorded, and photographed, but couldn’t ultimately share here.

First there were the gluten free, sugar free, high protein banana muffins. They were ok for being what they were, but spongy and a little artificial tasting to me.


Next, there were the Cottage Cheese Chicken Enchiladas. I was excited about these. It had lots of protein, chilies, and spices. Besides, I’ve made enchiladas a million times. Turns out no one liked them. The flavor was just off, the texture with the cottage cheese was weird, and while believe me, I ate them anyway, they weren’t going to make it here.



Last, I made two sheet pans of pumpkin bars with chocolate frosting for Aurelia’s preschool. I did eat one and it was very good. But. I’m trying not to eat that way right now and I don’t want to write a post about sweet sugary chocolatey pumpkin wonder when I’m making myself write down every thing that goes in my mouth for more than a month. My willpower is on edge as it is.


See? I make plenty of mistakes. I eat so-so food sometimes. I cheat and make compromises and bounce back and get to be a lazy blogger. Here’s to better recipes to come..


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