Catching Up

I’m preoccupied. My work is getting busier, my workouts are getting longer, my food is getting simpler, and I have new romantic diversions.

Is that a good enough excuse for why I’ve been neglecting this blog? I hope so. Also, the progress on my house seems to be picking up a bit, so I may be in my own brand new kitchen soon enough, making all sorts of complex delights. Until then, these days have been filled with super quick, pretty healthy, still yummy little meals. I’m eating more and more often. My strength, motivation, and weight were all plateauing and I decided to push through it, eating big and lifting big (well, compared only to myself). It’s amazing. I’m eating about 500-800 calories more a day now, doing some sprints and heavier lifts at the gym, and my weight has gone down while my quads and shoulders are starting to take shape. Not how women are usually told to diet and exercise, but maybe we’ve been told wrong for too long.

I’m rambling. Take this away: I’m happy. I’m eating a lot and feeling great. I’ll try to eat more interesting food and take better pics to share soon. Promise. Until then, here’s a sampling of the simple:

Honey mustard roasted carrots. Perfect accompaniment to beef especially. Aurelia couldn’t get enough.


This has been a lovely stand in when I want something other than my usual meat, guac, and egg for breakfast while still being meat, guac, and egg. I suppose salmon patties aren’t “meat” particularly, but it’s a lean shot of protein to start the day with. Rich, runny egg yolk on the cold guacamole, topped with smoked paprika. Ahhh. So delicious.


Chicken apple curry, eaten in a variety of ways for few happy days. Especially wonderful scrambled with my morning eggs and spinach, or cold over spring greens with guacamole, or hot and mixed up with spaghetti squash and a twist of fresh parsley. Terribly versatile, well spiced and balanced with the sweetness of apple and caramelized onions. Oh, my.


Jalapeno lime green beans. Another awesome veg side. Just enough kick to make them stand up to anything. I like them especially limey and paired with chicken green chile tamales.



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