Workout – Arms, Abs & Sprints

Whew! This workout rocked my short afternoon and made me feel so amazing! I was actually smiling ear to ear on the treadmill. Who does that? I was in and out of the gym in under an hour. This routine is set up like a circuit for arms and abs, so no resting in between exercises. Sixty second rest between heavy sets is important though. As for the cardio, sprints are where you’ll get the most for your minute and crank up your metabolism. I put my current weights/speed in parenthesis for my notes, but you find the right starting place for you! Make it hard, but doable.

Workout – Arms, Abs & Sprints
Warm up with dumbbell curls (both arms at once) 3×12 light (10 lbs)
Dumbbell curls 3×6 heavy (25 lbs)
Tricep rope pushdowns 3×6
Bicycle crunches 3×20
Penguins 3×20
Alternating hammer curls 3×6 heavy (30 lbs)
Standing overhead tricep extension 3 x 6 heavy (35 lbs)
Crunches 3×20
Hanging leg raises 3×20

Treadmill – jog for 5 minutes (6.5), then set the incline as high as it will go (15) and keep the speed the same. Run hard for 30 seconds then jump your legs onto the sides of the treadmill for a 30 second break while the belt keeps going. Hop back on for another 30 seconds. Repeat until you’ve done 10 minutes of sprints. Finally, take the incline all the way back down and jog it out for another 5 minutes (still 6.5). All cardio done in 20 minutes!



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