About Sarah and the Good Life


Hello, readers! I’m Sarah and I started this blog to chronicle my fumblings and triumphs as I live the good life in rural Idaho. But mostly it turned into a recipe blog because the best way I know how to celebrate, move forward, forgive, give thanks, or give care is to cook and eat… and of course to share that love.

I am mom to my 6 year old daughter, A. She’s absolutely everything she should be and made me into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I live near a lot of extended family and they provide a wonderful web of support for me and A. We built a house from the farm land up and I’m proud of this life. Who knows what’s next.

Thank you for visiting!

Aurelia and I from the start of this blog, in 2011.

I try to always credit and/or link the photos and content I use from other sources. You are welcome to use any of my photos and content, but please link back to this blog and ask permission if you are using something for another purpose. Thank you!

photo 1 : Victoria Greener Photography
photo 2: two bird studio (wonderful EB and Jason from two bird studio also took the header on the main page)

Finally, check out my poetry blog at Redamancy Lit.

12 thoughts on “About Sarah and the Good Life

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  2. I find this blog and the life you have chosen to live to be beautiful and inspiring. I keep wanting to send you messages and see if you’ll be my friend and if I can come visit you on your farm and learn how to run away from all the crap and live my life completely on my terms. (I grew up on a farm, so this seems to me to be the only way.)

    Loved your pulled beef recipe. Now I have to go see if I have any oat bran in the house because I absolutely must make your muffins.

  3. OMG, I just realized that you’re Redamancy Lit. How did I end up following both of these blogs and not know this? We must be friends, and I don’t mean this at all in the weird stalker-way it must sound.

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